Hon. Mona Fortier
Member of Parliament for Ottawa—Vanier
Newsletter,October 08th
October 8, 2020
As we head into this long weekend of Thanksgiving where we will celebrate our abundant harvest of the good fruits and vegetables from our gardens and share the turkey with our loved ones, I invite you to take every precaution and follow the guidelines of public health. We must remain strong in the face of this pandemic that has been affecting us for several months. I invite you to connect with your family and friends virtually to limit the spread of this virus. I firmly believe that everything will be fine if we continue to work together as a community.

I also wanted to share this good news. Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave me new responsibilities by appointing me chair of the cabinet committee on the economy and the environment. This committee addresses issues related to the strength and growth of the middle class, sustainable and inclusive economic development, the management of Canada’s natural resources and the fight against climate change; I and my colleagues on this committee are committed to rebuilding better by strengthening the middle class, generating clean growth and closing the gaps in our safety net. I invite you to share with me your ideas and solutions in these areas, I will be your voice and advocates at the decision-making table.
Happy Thanksgiving!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, our government continues to do what it takes to support businesses and all Canadians. Businesses across the country need more support now. That is why our government is committing an additional $600 million to support workers and businesses through the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF). This additional investment brings total RRRF support to more than $1.5 billion, which will help businesses and organizations deal with the impacts of COVID-19.
To get the help you need: 
  1. Visit our government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan website for information about supporting your employees and your business.
  2. Download the revamped Canada Business App.
  3. Contact your local financial institution. Since we know most small businesses have a relationship with their local financial institution already, we’ve worked with the financial sector to increase their lending capacity to support you in this challenging time. They are an excellent first resource.
  4. Consult the Canadian Business Resilience Network, a partnership between our government and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to help your business prepare, persevere and prosper through this crisis.
  5. Check out the new PPE Supply Hub – Canadian businesses in need of personal protective equipment, and businesses looking to sell these supplies can go to this hub to connect.
  6. Make the POST Promise to show employees and customers that you take COVID-19 prevention seriously by practicing key health and safety steps and maintain a safe workplace.
  7. Consult the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – for a free online course to provide businesses with all the information they need to reopen safely.
Whether you are self-employed, a small business owner or an entrepreneur – you should not have to worry about losing your business or job.
I am very pleased to announce that the campaign of donations for the project to rebuild the sugar shack that was the prey of the flames on August 27, was able to collect a sum of about $20,000.00.
I would like to thank all the donors who contributed to this initiative.
Those interested in making a donation can always do so by visiting their website.

Family reunification remains a top priority for our government, and it is an important part of Canada’s immigration system. It also plays a key role in attracting, retaining and integrating immigrants. I know how important it is for families to be together, especially during difficult times. For these reasons, our Government announced earlier this week the details of the opening of the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP Program), further strengthening the Government’s commitment to reuniting families.
Over a 3-week period, from 12 p.m. EDT on October 13, 2020, to 12 p.m. EST on November 3, 2020, Canadians and permanent residents who wish to sponsor their parents and grandparents to come to Canada will have an opportunity to submit an interest to sponsor form online.
In order to ensure a fair, transparent and equal opportunity for applicants, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will randomly select potential sponsors and send them an invitation to submit an application. Selected applicants will have 60 days to submit their application.
Please see this website for more details.

Maison Marie-Louise is a francophone community house located in our riding, which, through its reception and activities, supports and equips homes in their journey.
Today, the Marie-Louise House is calling on residents of Ottawa-Vanier who would have a television set to donate, small appliances, mittens, coats, and boots; to contact them at 613-746-9046, so that they can help families in need.

Nature is a huge part of history and identity here in Ottawa-Vanier and across Canada. After all, what would Canada be without its turquoise glacial lakes, seemingly endless prairies or towering maple trees? Many Canadians, especially Indigenous Peoples, also depend on nature for their livelihood and preserve their traditions – which is why it’s important to protect our environment from threats like rapid urbanization and the plastic pollution that accompanies it.

Our government recognizes that plastic pollution harms Canadians and their communities. In fact, only 9% of plastic in Canada gets recycled, with the remaining 91% contaminating our waterways with chemicals, harming our wildlife, and creating microplastics that end up in our drinking water.

For this reason, our government announced a plan to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030. Part of our strategy involves banning harmful single-use plastic items that are difficult to recycle like plastic bags, straws, six-pack rings, and plastic food containers. A full list of items is available in the discussion paper Proposed Integrated Management Approach to Plastic Products to Prevent Waste and Pollution, which is now open for comments from Canadians.

To ensure transparency, our government will be working closely with provinces and territories to implement these measures fairly, while strengthening existing recycling and reuse programs. We are also introducing new requirements for recycled content, which will boost investments in recycling infrastructure and encourage clean innovation in sectors like the manufacturing industry.

I am very pleased to be able to share this good news with the residents of Ottawa-Vanier.

Here in Ottawa-Vanier and throughout the city, the spread of the virus is exponential and we must all do our part to prevent the spread of this virus.
So I remind you that we all need to take appropriate action by limiting physical contact, While reducing the risk of exposure by wearing a mask and washing hands, you can also download the  Covid Alert App, which is free and guaranteed to protect your entire data.
Find out more about the public health update here.
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