Hon. Mona Fortier
Member of Parliament for Ottawa—Vanier
Newsletter, September 25th
September 25, 2020
This week, in the Speech from the Throne, our government confirmed that this pandemic represents the most serious public health crisis Canada has ever known. Indeed, the last six months have revealed fundamental gaps in our society, and in societies around the world.
For those who are already struggling such as parents, racialized Canadians, Indigenous Peoples, young Canadians, seniors – the pandemic has made it more difficult. We must address these challenges of today and prepare to face them in the future and I am confident that together, we will take bold action on health, the economy, equality, and the environment to build a more resilient Canada for everyone. It is now that we must remember who we are as Canadians and seize the opportunity to contain the global crisis and rebuild better together.
The four foundations of this speech are:
  • to fight the pandemic and save lives, by doing everything we can to protect Canadians,
  • to do whatever it takes to support Canadians and businesses through this crisis, as long as it lasts,
  • to create a stronger, more resilient Canada,
  • to stand up for who we are as Canadians, and defending our values,
Together, we will build a more resilient, healthier and safer Canada.
Read the full speech here 
Today, on this September 25th, happy Franco-Ontarian Day to all francophones across the province and Canada! I am so proud to be part of a resilient but above all vibrant and passionate community.

Today, we celebrate the richness of the French language and our culture, as we recognize the important contributions of our community.
This year, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate Francophone culture by participating in the Franco-Ontarian Festival.
Happy Celebrations!

Good news, it’s not too late to apply. We extended the recruitment period for the creation of my next youth council until September 30. If you are a 16 to 24 year old youth from Ottawa-Vanier  I encourage you to apply by completing the online application form on our website.

As a member of the Ottawa-Vanier Youth Council, you can participate in conversations about issues that are important to you and to making Canada a more prosperous country with a better future for all. You will have an experience that will allow you to provide unbiased advice to the MP and engage with other youth in the riding, impacting your riding, your community and your country.
Ottawa-Vanier Youth Council members participate in virtual meetings several times a year and may engage in activities in the riding to engage other youth in discussions around the priorities identified by the original members.
Share your voice and make an impact by becoming a member of the Ottawa-Vanier Youth Council.


Recent events have reminded us, more than ever, that nothing is more important than having a home and that affordable housing is key to Canada’s economic recovery.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the housing crisis has worsened, particularly for vulnerable individuals and populations. As we approach flu season and a second wave of COVID-19 , urgent help is needed to rapidly create new permanent housing.That is why our government launched the $1-billion Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) to help address the urgent housing needs of Canada’s most vulnerable by quickly creating up to 3,000 new affordable housing units. these new units will be available quickly, and will help to address a potential second wave of COVID-19 by providing housing solutions for people experiencing homelessness or who are living in temporary accommodation.

I am pleased to announce the launch of the 2021–2022 House of Commons Page Program recruitment campaign.
Every year since 1978, the Page Program has offered 40 graduating high school and CEGEP students from across Canada the chance to work at the House of Commons for a year. While they are with us, Pages have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Parliament by playing a role in the rich traditions of the Canadian parliamentary system.
If you meet these criteria, I encourage you to apply today!

COVID-19 is a public health illness and poses a health risk to City of Ottawa residents due to community-based transmission. The COVID-19 virus is transmitted from an infected person to close contact through direct contact or transmission of respiratory secretions from the infected person.
Given the increase in transmission in the community, and in light of recent situations where public health guidelines are slow to be followed, and in order to ensure our own safety, I remind you that we all need to take appropriate action by limiting physical contact, reducing the risk of exposure by wearing a mask and washing our hands and by downloading the free Covid Alert app.

Find out more about the public health update here.

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